Crim Bible

The Complete Domestic Bible Containing the Old and
New Testaments, Hubbard Brothers, Philadelphia, Boston
and Cincinnati, No date, but the copyright on the
family record illustration is 1876, and some on plates
is 1874.

This Bible is in excellent condition, with the boards
reinforced but with little use. There is some scuffing
and minor chipping on the boards and spine.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


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[Page One -- Family Record]


Name Place of Birth Date of Birth Date of Marriage Date of Death
Wm. S. Crim Jordanville, N.Y. Aug. 6 1836 March 20 1888 Sept. 12 /96
Fannie [?]J. Humphrey Jordanville, N.Y. Aug. 6 1864 March 20 1888  
Mary M. Crim Jordanville, N.Y. May 18, 1890    
Floyd E. Crim Jordanville, N.Y. Apr. 15, 1893    


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