Comly Bible

These pages were separated from the Bible, but there is a date
and identification on the first page, which is the last page of the
Apocrypha. Edinburgh, Printed by Alexander Kincaid His
Majesfty's Printer. MDCCLXII. (1762)

The annotations of "WH's uncle" and "aunt" and such are in pencil
and were added later.

Internet gossip places this family in PA.

These pages are currently in the possession of Tracy St. Claire.


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[Page One]

Hannah Comly Departed this Life the 8th of the 12th Month 1782

Sarah Comly Departed this Life the 16th of the 8th Month 1797

Jacob Comly Departed this Life the 4th Day of the 6th Mo 1821
Aged About 82 years

[Page Two]

WH Uncle}
Jesse Comly jr. Departed this life the 15th of 10 Mo 1864 Aged
46 Years 1 Month and 27 days

Hannah Comly [older, flowing script like an ownership signature]

WH's Gran Mother
Naomi Comly Departed this life the 24th of the 12th month 1865 aged
about 77 years 6 Mo. 7 mo. + 6 days [in pencil]

WH's Grand Father
Jesse Comly departed this life 11th of 10th month 1853 aged
74 - 7 - 10 days

Joseph T. Comly Died Oct 13 1895

Benjamin Comly Died June 4th 1898

Jacob Comly Died Nov 7 1901

John T. Comly Died Sept. 19 1899

Rachel W. Comly Died Oct 26. 1908 Ben's Wife Maiden Name
Rachel Wants

[Page Three]

Samuel Comly was Born the 9th of April 1816

Samuel Comly Departed this Life January 11th 1817 Aged 9 months
& 2 Days

Jefse Comly was born the 18th of the 8 Month August 1818

Eleanor Comly was born the 19th of the 10th Mo October 1820

John T. Comly was born the 16th of the 11th Mo. November 1822

Naomi Comly was born May 18th 1788

Jefse Comly Sr Departed this life the 11th of the 10 Mo 1853
Grand Father Comly of R.J. and W.H. aged 74yr 7mo 10days

[Page Four]


Samuel Comly was born the 7th of 10th Mo October 1773

Jefse Comly was born the 1st of the 3rd Month March 1779

Susanna Comly was born the 13th of the 4th Mon April 1781

Jacob Comly was born the 3rd of the 9th month 1811

Joseph Thornburg Comly was born the 17th of April 1813

Benjamin Comly was born the 28th of the 12th month December 1814

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