Burton Bible

This Bible record was transcribed from the Genealogical Records
Manuscript Entries of Births, Deaths and Marriages, taken from
Family Bibles 1581-1917
, Edited by Jeannie F-J. Robison and
Henrietta C. Bartlett, The Colonial Dames of the State of New York,
New York, 1917, pp 33-4.


Below this line is verbatim from source, with some minor formatting changes.



Holy Bible in English; London, Robert Barker and John Bill, 1620.

It contains records of the Burton and Rigden families in England. The Bible
descended collaterally to the late William Bedlow Beekman, Esq., and is now
the property of Mrs. Beekman, New York City. It has the heraldic book-plate of
William Bedlow on the front cover.

Edmun: Rigden was baptised The 7th day of August in the eight yeare of the
Reigne of our soferint lord king Charles: 1632

The sun of Jon Burton was borne in [b]ushipborne The -- 22 daye of may
1653 and battised The -- 31 daye of may -- 1653 -- in bushipborne by the name of
Richard Burton

The sun of John burton was borne one this 25 daye of aprell 1655 and battised
one The 9 daye of maye by the name of John burton in bushipborne

Edmond Rigden was baptised the 6 august

John Burton the sun of Richard burton was Baptised the 19th of April 1620 in

Elisabeth Burton wos maried one the fortene daye of desember 1648 vnto steven
Atkines at hotfelle dafter of Richard burton The Elder living at Bushipborne Then

thomas the sun of John burton was baptiesed the sixtenth daye of october 1659
in bushborne and borne the ninth of october

William burton sun of John Burton was borne one The seventene daye of January
1660 and Battised one the Therty and won daye of that same mont

John Burton was maried to Elisabeth denn the first daye of october 1674.

Thomas burton sun of John Burton 1658 beried

Abraham [?] burton sun of John burton beried 1661 August 2. 1692 John burton
was maried to mary mos

Elisabeth wife of Richard Burton The Elder was beried one The tente daye of
August in bushipborne Church 1661 -- in age The foure score and to yere ould

Elizabeth . . . daughter of Richard Rigden [?] was baptised in the church of
Eastrie March the 16 1598 as appeareth in the Regester booke of Eustrie

[Tho] mas [Rigden?] was baptized the 29th of July 1581 in the [pa] rish of . .
. hards and borne in Petham.

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