Buch Bible

These pages were separated from the Bible, so the
date of the Bible is unknown. Some is in German, some
in English, so excuse me if the German is not quite perfect.
Please examine the scanned images for complete

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


-----------------TRANSCRIPT STARTS-----------------

[Page One -- Geburten]

George Buch ist F born Dar 17 Nofamber

Mary Buch

[Page Two -- Geburten]

Saryan Buch Ist geboran Dan 12 September 1847

John Buch ist geboran Dan 7 Oktober 1849

Franz Buch ist geboran Dan 4 ?? 1852

Georg Buch ist geboran Dan 27 Abril 1853

Mary Buch was born September 18th In the Year A.D. 1862

Martin Buch was born in May the 5 In the A.D. 1864

Lamon Buch was born in November 21st In the Year A.D. 1866

[Page Three-- Lodesfalle]

[At the top are two words that I cannot accurately transcribe, in German]

Lemon Buch, died November 4th, A. D. 1872

Salinda Buch, died Oct 17, A.D. 1862

Frances Buch, died November 20th, A.D. 1860

---------------END TRANSCRIPT----------------