Browne Bible

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments.
Harding's Fine Edition, Philadelphia, Jesper Harding and
Son. 1858. Hills #1671.

This Bible is the cousin to my favorite late 19th century Bible,
Harding's Superfine Edition (although I like the Royal edition,
too). This Bible is in great condition, except for one major
point: it has no binding or spine. Someone rebound another
Harding's Bible with this one's binding. I know this with some
certainty, because this one has an extra engraving from opposite
the title page that it should not have. It has all its pages, including
flyleaves and the are tight in their signatures.

Transcribed by and in the possession of Tracy St. Claire,


-----------------TRANSCRIPT STARTS-----------------

[Page One -- Marriages]

Bradley Browne to Sarah A. Webb Nov 11th 1830

Bradley Browne to Sarah J. Buckley Aug 12th 1860

Wm H Davis To Sarah J Browne Oct 24th 1889.

Wm. H. Davis and Mrs. Sarah J. Browne were married at the
Broad River district, October 24th, by Rev. C. E. Torrey. The
bride is the widow of the late Bradley Browne, and the groom a
well known ex-ice-dealer. [clipping]

[Page Two -- Births]

Bradley Browne, Aug. 26th 1809.

Sarah A. Webb Oct. 20th 1812

Francis LeGrand Browne Aug 20th 1831

Sarah J. Buckley Dec 26 1831

[Page Three -- Deaths]

Francis LeGrand Browne Sept 19th 1831

Sarah A. Browne March 8th 1860

Bradley Browne May 12th 1884

Wm H Davis Sept 3rd 1912

Susan Eliza Conklin Apr 11. 1909.

R. R. Hammond Apr 2. 1873.

BROWNE: Bradley Browne died May 12, 1884, in the 75th
year of his age. He experienced religion when about 21, joined
the Methodist Episcopal Church, and has been a faithful follower
of Jesus--has never waivered from the true faith. He was
gentlemanly in manner, amiable in disposition, and was beloved
by all who knew him. He has been a subscriber for The Christian
over 40 years. S.J.B. [clipping]

---------------END TRANSCRIPT----------------