Bisson/Gallup Bible

Submitted October 8, 2003 by:
Elizabeth Anne (Haskell) Fisk
HC 62 Box 507
Center Harbor, NH 03226
Phone: 603-253-7513 (winter: 772-466-3079)

The original Bible is thought to have been given to Abigail B. Gallop and to Jonathan Bisson, as her marriage is the only one listed under the Family Record - marriages. It then seems to have been passed down through the Bisson family until a great granddaughter, Alice Stanley gave it to her 3rd cousin, Nancy Lamson Latham (Foster) who then gave the Bible to me (Elizabeth Anne Haskell Fisk), her 1st cousin in the Spring of 2002. Therefore Alice Stanley, Nancy Latham and I share a great great grandfather, Abigail Bisson's father, William Gallop. My great grandfather, Edmund Kimball Gallop and Abigail B. Gallop were brother and sister.

The Bissons & Gallops mentioned in the Bible lived in MA, primarily in Beverly, Essex Co. Most of them are buried in the Central Cemetery in Beverly, Essex Co., MA.

The Bible is "The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments: Translated out of the original tongues: and with the former translations diligently compared and revised. With Cannes Marginal References. Together with the Apocrypha and Concordance to which was added An Index, a Table of Texts and what has never before been added, and account of the Lives and Martyrdom of the Apostles and Evangelists with Plates. The text corrected according to the standard of the American Bible Society. Stereotyped by James Connor, New York, Hartford, S. Andrus and Son, 1846.

The Bible is in fair condition with both hard covers; 9X11 ¼. Needs to be rebound as spine is not holding. Some of the pages are stained, but all can be read.

The transcript is taken from four pages between the Old and New Testament.



[First Page]

Family Record
Jona/n Bisson
Abigail B. Gallop
were married
in October 25" 1840

[Second Page]

Jona/n Bisson
Born December
26" 1808
Abigail B. Gallop
Born September
18" 1818 -
William G. Bisson
Born April 2nd 1843
Abby B. Bisson
Born June 29" 1846
Ella M. Bisson
Born June 26"
1848/ -------------


[Third page]

Births Deaths
Willam Gallop William Gallop
Born August 18" 1777 Born August 18" 1777
Nabby B. Gallop -  
Born July 17" 1786  
William Gallop Jr William Gallop Jr
Born August 13" 1809 Died August 15" 1831
  Aged 23.
John L Gallop  
Born March 18" 1811  
Samuel O Gallop  
Born December 18" 1812  
Edmund K Gallop  
Born October 3rd 1814  
Jonus G Gallop  
Born August 3rd 1816  
Abigail B. Gallop  
Born Sept 18" 1818  
Nathaniel B Gallop Nathaniel B Gallop
Born June 26" 1820 Died Sept 14" 1821 -
  Aged 1 year 2 m. 19 days
Elizabeth A Gallop Elizabeth A Gallop
Born June 22" 1822 Died February 17" 1823
  Aged 8 months


[Fourth Page]

Births Deaths
Israel Bisson Israel Bisson
Born Died October
Molly West  
Hannah Bisson Hannah Bisson died
Israel Bisson Jr Israel Bisson Jr
Born died
Joshua Bisson  
Edna Bisson Edna Woodbury died
Jona/n Bisson  
Born Dec 26" 1808  
Mary A Bisson Mary A Smith died
Elizabeth Bisson Elizabeth Bisson
Henry Bisson Henry Bisson died
Mahala Bisson