Andrews Bible

This transcript was published in The National Genealogical Society Quarterly,
April, 1917, Volume 6, Number 1, Page 27.



Alexander Andrews' Family Bible Record -- KY.*


Alexander Andrews and Ann Livingston was married the 1st day of March,
Sarah L. Andrews and Thomas Foster was married the 22nd day of January,
Ann H. Andrews and Hezekiah Foster was married the --- Day of December,


Alexander Andrews, Senr. was born the 2nd Day of June, 1763.
Ann Livingston was born the 20th of December, 1761.
William Smith Andrews was born the 15th of December, 1787,
and died the 22nd of the same month.
Elizabeth Hacket Andrews was born the 9th of March, 1789, and
died the 25th of July following.
Elizabeth H. Andrews was born the 15th of May, 1790.
William Smith Andrews was born the 21st of December, 1791, and
Died the 27th of June, 1792.
Samuel Alexander Andrews was born the 17th of February, 1793,
and Died the 23rd of Aprile following.
Nancy Livingston Andrews was born the 25th of February 1794 and
died the July following.
Sarah Livingston Andrews was born the 8th day of May, 1796.
Anna H. Andrews was born the 5th of Aprile 1797.
Mary Todd Andrews was born the 30th of March 1798.
Alexander G. Andrews was born the 5th of May 1802.


Sarah Ann Foster was born November 10th, 1819.
China Esther Harper Foster was born September 15th, 1820.
Peter was born 15th of February 1814.

*Property of Kentucky State Historical Society. Copied by Mrs. C. Haycraft,
Clerk Ky. State Library. The Book Plate says "This Bible is the property of
Alexander Andrews," and the record is in his handwriting.