Alexander Bible

This Bible record was transcribed from the
Genealogical Records
Manuscript Entries of Births, Deaths and Marriages, taken from
Family Bibles 1581-1917
, Edited by Jeannie F-J. Robison and
Henrietta C. Bartlett, The Colonial Dames of the State of New York,
New York, 1917, p 3.


Comments below state that these are the brothers and sisters
of Thomas Alexander. This would put in doubt the first entry which indeed
reads 1798. I expect that this was a typo and should read 1738; else these
entries were not made sequentially and these people are not siblings.

Below this line is verbatim from source, with some minor formatting changes.


(Born, 1740.)

Holy Bible in English; apparently the first edition of the
Bishops' Bible, London, 1568.

Contains the entries of the brothers and sisters of
Thomas Alexander. The Bible is now the property of
the American Bible Society.

William Alexander June 16th 1798 / Saturday Afternoon 1/2 5 O'Clock

Thomas Alexander / was born ye 17 of May 1740

Mary Alexander was born June 14 1742

Elizabeth Alexander / was born ye 9 of October 1744.

Ann Alexander was born / the 2d of May 1747

Margret Alexander was born / the 22d of August 1749

William Henry Alexander was born / the 27th of May 1751.

Marthor Alexander born / the 3th of November 1753.