Adams Family Record

This family record was published in the Essex Antiquarian,
Vol. 1, No. 6, 1897, p 92 (Essex County, Massachusetts).

It is difficult to determine which are middle names and which
are surnames. The list below is my guess on this, feel free to
make your own.

These people weren't very creative with the naming. In fact,
it is families like this that make genealogy such a headache.
2 Johns, 2 Sarahs, 2 Abigails, 2 Nathaniels, 2 Susans -- as
a baby died, the next child got the now-unused name.


Below this line, verbatim from source. Some format changes.



In the possession of Mr. William C. Peabody of Georgetown is a book
entitled "Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul," by Philip Doddridge,
D.D., and published in Boston in 1818, having on the first fly-leaf the
following words, written in ink: "John Adams from his brother Joseph
Adams," and on two other blank pages the following family records:

John Adams Born Sept. 17th, 1789.
Sarah Adams Born Decr. 5th, 1790.
John Quincy Born March 17th, 1815.
Abigail Bowles Born April 25, 1816.
Sarah Ann Born Nov. 8th, 1817.
Ruth Bowles Born Augt 11th, 1819.
Nathl Hayward Born April 24th, 1821.
Lydia Towne Born Febry 18th, 1823.
Abigail Bowles 2 Born Janry 30, 1824.
Nathl Niles Hayward Born June 29th, 1825.
Susan Hayward Born April 1st, 1828.
George Washington Born Janry 27th, 1830.
Joseph Hayward Born Decr 30, 1831.
Susan Irene Born Oct. 28, 1833.

My wife Sarah Adams Died April 9th on Fryday at 6 1-2 Clok 1841 P.M.
Intered on Monday Following.

Abigail Bowles 1st Died July 2d, 1817.
Nathl Hayward Died Sept. 10th, 1822.
Abigail Bowles 2d Died March 2d, 1824.
Lydia Towne Died Sept. 14th, 1824.
George Washington Died May 1st, 1832.
Susan Hayward Died May 5th, 1832
Sarah Ann Wildes Died July 14th, 1853.