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The Family Bible Record of Christopher Grant Matteson

The following transcriptions come from the family Bible of Christopher Grant Matteson (1824-1870), of Moline, IL. The Bible was published by Phinney & Co., Buffalo, NY, in 1849. The Bible is in the possession of Revalee Renick Stevens of Rome, Italy, a direct descendant of Christopher Grant Matteson, and she obtained the Bible from her maternal grandmother, Julia Emma Houston, who in turn had been given it by her father, George Levalley Matteson.

According to both H. Sheldon Porter Matteson, "The Mattesons in America, 1646-1949," (mimeo, 1950), and Arthur Hastings Grant, Grant Family, Genealogical History of Descendants of Matthew Grant of Windsor, Conn., (Poughkeepsie, NY, 1898), Christopher Grant Matteson was the son of Christopher Levalley Matteson, of Freetown Corners, NY, and Anna Grant, of Stonington, CT. Both genealogies, however, offer incomplete, and at times inaccurate, information about the family of Christopher Grant Matteson and his descendants. The records in this Bible, which was apparently given to Christopher Grant Matteson in 1852 just before he and his family left Mexico, NY for their permanent migration west, correct the errors in the published genealogies and carry the family down to its extinction in the male line.

For the sake of clarity and completeness, some information from other than the bible has also been presented below. To distinguish it from the Bible records, it has been enclosed in parenthesis.

Christopher G. Matteson, born 21 July 1824 (at Freetown Corners, NY), died 1 November 1870 (at Rock Island Co., IL), married Lucy Ann Matteson, 13 January 1846 (at Mexico, NY).

Lucy Ann Matteson, born 8 January 1826 (in NY), died 3 August 1907 (at Bladen, NE). She married (2) ______ ______ (name intentionally obliterated from Bible record), 7 September 1874. She married (3) Lysander Dickerson, 29 December 1879 (at Rock Island Co., IL).
Children of Christopher G. Matteson and Lucy Ann Matteson:
a. Francis Marion Matteson, born 14 November 1847 (at La Porte, IN).
b. Permelia E. Matteson, born 14 February 1853 (near Moline, IL).
c. George L.(evalley) Matteson, born 19 March 1860 (near Moline, IL).

Francis Marion Matteson married Mary Elizabeth Wood, 20 January 1870 (at Rock Island Co., IL), and died 29 August 1876 (at Red Cloud, NE). (She was born 4 May 1850 at Moline, IL, a daughter of David Wood and Mary Stokes. She died 18 December 1939 at Arlington, WA.)
children of Francis Marion Matteson and Mary Elizabeth Wood:
a. Maude L. Matteson, married Adam L. Serl, 6 September 1889.

Permelia E. Matteson married John R. Wratten on 23 October 1873 (at Greeley, CO). She died 25 March 1926 (at Bladen, NE.)
children of Permelia E. Matteson and John R. Wratten:
a. (Frank Edward Wratten)
b. (Edward J. Wratten)

George L. Matteson married Margaret Emma Dawson on 31 December 1889. She was born 25 January 1868, a daughter of Hezekiah H. Dawson and Julia Galloway, and she died 27 December 1925 at Limon, CO.
children of George L. Matteson and Margaret Emma Dawson:
a. Jesse Charles Matteson, born 31 January 1891, (never married.)
b. Bertha A. Matteson, born 16 October 1892, died 27 May 1908 (at Limon, CO.)
c. Sadie Matteson, (born July 1894, married ______ Gordon and ______ Whittenbeck.)
d. Julia Emma Matteson, born 25 July 1896, (married Milo Franklin Houston.)
e. Cloie Matteson, born 3 June 1898, (married ______ Kempf.)
f. Letty Mae Matteson, born 1 December 1904, (married ______ Zellers.)
g. Mabel Matteson, born 15 November 1906, died 13 July 1908 (at Limon, CO.)

transcript prepared April 1989 in Rome, Italy, by Robert K. Stevens.