Barlow Bible

This Bible record was transcribed from Kentucky Records, Early
Wills and Marriages, Old Bible Records and Tombstone Inscriptions
Volume One, Mrs. William Breckenridge Ardery (Julia Spencer
Ardery), 1926, pp 154-5.

I suspect that "Alexander R. C. Hatton" might be McHatton (it being coincidental that there is both a "Hatton" surname and a "McHatton" surname in this family. However, this is a transcript of a transcript. The original Bible or photocopies was not examined.


--------------------------------------BELOW, VERBATIM FROM SOURCE---------------------------

(Contributed by Mrs. W. B. Smith, Edmund Rogers Chapter).

Robert T. Barlow was born April 20, 1773.
Ann Barlow (his wife) was born October 31, 1773.
William Barlow (his first son) was born February 12, 1794.
Mary T. Barlow was born March 27, 1796.
Jemina C. Barlow was born May, 1798.
Lucy F. Barlow was born January 25, 1800.
Henry W. Barlow was born November 7, 1801.
Robert E. Webb was born January 20, 1838.
Robert H. Barlow was born November, 1803.
John P. Barlow was born October 5, 1805.
Barbara S. Barlow was born October 9, 1807.
Virginia Ann Barlow was born July, 1809.
Louisa A. Barlow. was born August 1, 1811.
Elizabeth F. Barlow was born June 7, 1813.
Nancy N. Barlow was born June 9, 1815.
James J. Barlow was born August, 1819.
Frances J. McHatton was born July 15, 1840.
Joseph H. Barlow was born May 13, 1825.
W. B. Dodd was born March 17, 1821.
Susan F. Dodd was born March 28, 1828.
James C. Dodd was born March 8, 1851.
Ann E. Dodd was born December, 1853.
Mary Emily Dodd was born February 22, 1857.
Richardson Eubank was born May 10, 1791.
James E. Webb was born February 7, 1869.
Helen H. Webb was born July 2, 1870.
John N. Webb was born September 15, 1872.


Robert L. Barlow was married to his first wife, Lena Burress, December 27, 1792.
He and Ann Blunt, his second wife, were married December 22, 1804.
William B. Barlow and Barbara Lane were married Sept. 4, 1817.
Henry W. Barlow and Ann Watts were married November, 1834.
John P. Barlow and Lucinda Craddock were married April 23, 1805.
Barbara L. Barlow and E. L. Webb were married July 29, 1830.
Richardson Eubank and Lucy F. Barlow were married Dec. 15, 1836.
Alexander R. C. Hatton and Mary H. Barlow were married Oct. 17, 1839.
James J. Barlow and Parmelia A. Hollis were married Jan. 5, 1843.
Louisa Barlow and William Jones were married November, 1846.
William B. Dodd and Susan F. Eubank were married Oct. 11, 1849.


William B. Barlow died April, 1832.
Jemima C. Barlow died 1805.
Robert H. Barlow died October 5, 1805.
Virginia Ann Barlow died July, 1827.
Robert T. Barlow died May 11, 1841.
Barbara L. Webb died March 20, 1844.
Nancy Barlow died July 28, 1844.
Richardson Eubank died May 13, 1851.
May L. Barlow died March 15, 1847.
Louisa Jones died December 7, 1874.
Elizabeth F. Barlow died November 11, 1878.
Lucy F. Eubank died September 25, 1884.
Robert E. Webb died December 5, 1893.
James E. Webb died September 27, 1898.